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[IMAGE] Our responsibility, to gather and disperse information, is taken very seriously.  Any contributions of information, personal experiences, or research materials that can be made to this museum are greatly appreciated. Together, the Truth will be known. Aliens & UFOs
Extraterrestrial Life-Crop Circles-UFOs Aufora Web The G.C.B.R.O. would like to state that all members of our organization will back up any claims that have been made by them on this web site. Bigfoot Phenomenon
      CUFOS currently engages in several ongoing activities. We encourage you to become involved in our activities, including the reporting to us of local sightings and articles about UFOs, searching for UFO archival material, helping to maintain UFOCAT, our computer database of reports, or assisting with specific research projects. Center for UFO Studies A salute to those who have improved the human gene pool by removing themselves from it by means of stupidity. Darwin Awards Fortean Times is a monthly magazine of news, reviews and research on strange phenomena and experiences, curiosities, prodigies and portents. Fortean Times
      Welcome to Grand Illusions, the site for the enquiring mind. Illusions, Tricks, and Mysteries A Society of Ghost Researchers, Ghost Hunters and Ghost Believers. International Ghost Hunters Society
Join our-mailing list. The Mars Society SEARCH Page !-Sightings Reports!-Triangles ?-UFO F.A.Q. UFO Folklore
      The Institute conducts and/or encourages research and related activities in a large number of fields. SETI Institute Our attitude is one of open-minded skepticism and we specialize in in-depth investigations and original research into fortean topics. Strange Magazine Before I read the Wall O' Shame, my vocabulary was small. Now, it's big. Wall O' Shame

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