The GS Format conforms to General MIDI System Level 1 Specifications.
    16 part multi-timbral sound.
    Standard Instuments(capital), and many drum set types.
    24 guaranteed simultaneous notes or more.
    Adjustable Reverb and Chorus Effects.
    Midi control functions such as modulation and portamento.
    Drum set can be changed with program change message.
    Uses Bank select messages to increase type of instuments.
    Controls most MIDI messages that are necessary for performance and expression.
    May use system exclusive messages. 

    If a device contains a sound module that conforms to GS format, it is
    possible to reproduce the performance that was created on another GS format
    Devices that contain a sound module that conform to GS format will have
    the GS mark on their panel.

    The songs in this collection will not play very well unless the GS format is

     The standard sound card does not use the GS format.          


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