Copyright (c) 1994 Tom Jermine

This song has been made with the roland sound canvas SC-55

Changing Paths

The melody line Pan Flute is gradually exchanged with fantasia and than later fantasia is exchanged with pan flute. In the release brightness is gradually layered with echo drops and than the second time around echo drops slowly cut out.

The Words for this song and the midi file change for the vocal were created by:
Robert DeNorris Darby


I know I was foolish to walk away from you...
I knew it was wrong to do the things I'd do.
Now that I am older my life has taught me some.
I'll turn from sinful ways and run.


Turn around - I'll just turn around.
My life has been unraveled- day to day sin and travel
I'll just turn around.
Turn around - I'll just turn around.
I finally decided - I was wrong and I admit it.
I'll just turn around.

(2) Turned my back on yesterday and all the things I've known.
Selfish thoughts and evil ways that took me from home.
I know the way of man is not within his heart
I have direction I'm coming home to God.


I'm coming home ... I'm coming home.
I'm coming back to you.
I'm coming home. No more to roam.
This time I'll be true.
I'm coming home - I'm coming home.
Lord, I'm coming home.

© Robert DeNorris Darby

My Name is Robert Darby

I am a poet/writer who enjoys singing and praising God in song. I am a student at IBC hoping to graduate in May of '99. I love to write songs, especially songs about the grace of God and His mercy toward us. I am looking for musicians to collaberate with. If you have a melody I just may have a rhyme... Contact me at:

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